Dec. 27th, 2007

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Welcome to Romeo and Juliet, of the New Burbage Theatre Festival.

It is back stage.

Sarah thinks the Iguana that broke the ex-director's back may be back in the building. Patrick can't find his FUCKING tights. Cyril is telling stories about the time he played Mercutio when it was just a tent, and the pigeon flew in right in the middle of Queen Mab, and attacked Benvolio. Maria is on the warpath about god knows what. One of the giant silver balls has made its way back stage, and is rolling in one of the too-narrow hallways. One of the ladies in waiting has shown up in a red bra by mistake, and is in tears because it's visible through her costume, and she doesn't know if she can find a new one in time.

Jerry grabs Darren the minute he arrives through the door.

"Darren! This is important. There may be, um, barbed wire in the entrances, depending on whether Geoffrey..."

Sarah screams. Then goes bright red.

"Sorry, just a sock. Sorry."

Jerry pushes on.

" was MacBeth, you see, and Henry wasn't doing it..."

Darren breathes deeply through his nose.

"Jerry, I assure you, Geoffrey's attempts at guerilla theatre have been successfully dismantled. All entrances and exits are fully available. Just... watch out for nails."

Jerry nods and walks off, and Darren looks over his shoulder at Kit.

"Well. Welcome to my play."

Marlowe grins at him. "Thank you, my dear man."


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