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Within the Suit of Swords, the card associated with AQUARIUS is the King (sometimes also referred to as the Prince of the Chariot of the Winds). This card belongs to the Court Cards of the Tarot and is known to be The Thinker. It is the airy quality of air, typifying the intellect and ruling over intuition and creative thought. The individual represented by this card is full of ideas, but they are ideas often unrelated to practicality. An intensely clever, rational and stable character, but often lacking in commitment to anything...not even personal ideas. Thus, this is illustrative of the qualities of the typical Aquarian who charts a new course for others to follow, stirs the hearts of the rebellious and then stands aside allowing others to finish the task. In order to achieve such a degree of intellectual commitment, this individual must be totally free and unrestricted. Therefore, anything which suggests attachments or ties is shunned...anything that seeks to bind is forcefully cut loose, be it a person, place, belief or emotion. The King of Swords is a private person who defends inner space with determination. This will be a character who is difficult to get to fact, he or she may never be fully known. Here, there is unprecedented independence and a personality which can appear to be unemotional and cold. Nevertheless, the King of Swords is highly intellectual and well-educated with a rapid-fire mind and tremendous capacity for abstract thinking. This is a character who is challenging, entertaining, stimulating and totally exhausting. Of all the cards found within the Suit of Swords, it is the King which is the most progressive and the most erratic. The Kings of the Tarot (sometimes also referred to as Princes) are symbolic of passion, intensity and focus of concentration. Kings are essentially single-minded in purpose. The purpose of such focus will be related to the element which rules the specific Suit. Each of the Kings is shown in a chariot and bears a tool representative of his Suit.

The green armor worn by the figure depicted on this card is symbolic of creativity, while the armor itself represents a readiness for battle against all that stands opposed to free thought. The many crystals in the design of the card indicate a multitude of ideas and personality characteristics. The chariot symbolizes forceful revolution while the sword represents the destruction of old ways and beliefs. The three small figures which draw the large chariot are indicative of outdated ideas, restrictive thought and limiting relationships.

In a Tarot reading, this card indicates swiftly moving events, intuition, creative thinking and clear perception. It also suggests the removal of all restrictive ties and bonds. Reversed, it indicates thoughts of a negative nature, together with an unwillingness and inability to defend opinions. In this position, there are suggestions of overwhelming pressure and strife or even actual arguments and quarrels. In classical mythology and lore, the King of Swords is associated with Odysseus (known to the Romans as Ulysses), King of Ithaca and one of the Greek leaders who took part in the Trojan War. Odysseus is believed to have been the one who came up with the idea of the Wooden Horse of Troy which was overwhelmingly instrumental in the fall of that city, assuring the Greeks of victory.

The King of Swords is often a warrior/scholar/diplomat (involved with law, teaching, politics, etc). He represents law and order and the justice of the establishment. He often has the last word. He is full of authority. He is usually the head of a company or department. He is an active and determined person with many ideas and opinions. He is a man with a commanding presence and an experienced person who possesses a sharp, analytical mind. Linked with air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).

In a reading, this card may signify some sort of legal dealing. You may rely too much on your intellect and need to learn to listen to your intuition. It might be time to cut out old ideas and beliefs that have outlived their purpose. Use logic when making decisions.
Reverse: cruelty, conflict, selfishness, sadism, a dangerous or wicked person who causes unnecessary disturbance or sadness. One intent on destruction. Unfavorable outcome of a legal matter.

King of Swords

The Energy: Aggression, Keenness, Thought

Acuteness and vitality are the attributes of the King of Swords. His strong mind is free. Nobody is able to influence his reasoned judgment. Thus the power of thought joins the want for action.

The King of Swords is a mighty ally. Follow him on his ways of independent thought and realize your ideas. If this king should ever appear as your enemy you should not underestimate him. Get prepared to counteract brilliant plans.

King of Swords

The King of Swords represents a person who is at the peak of his mental powers. He is a ruler who will fight for his power particularly in debate. This person has achieved self-mastery, does not enjoy reflection and expresses dramatic decisive action. His weakness is a volatile temperament which means his close relationships with other people can be full of turmoil and may be short lived.

He is a great ‘parliamentarian’ enjoying the heat of debate, but always having the last word on a matter. He is an upholder of law and order but is no traditionalist, always seeking to push back the boundaries of change. Making innovations as he does, the King of Swords is versatile, forces the pace of change, and lacks the patience to see things through to the end before he is off on a new venture.

Reversed Meaning

The King of Swords now represents tyranny and the abuse of power. He can be cruel in his attempts to gain mastery which will probably fail. He represents a mindless, pointless striving for control and fears its loss. The results of his actions will be the opposite of what he strives for, chaos and not order.

Swords, King of

Being an “air of air” king, he is one of the most integrated of the kings, and is very charismatic. His actions are effortless, but he shows little attempt to compromise or to adjust his position. He is united in his thoughts and action, no dissension there

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